Lecturer, University of East London

Undergraduate teaching across BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development and BA (Hons) Computer Games Design – Story Development, with a focus on creative practice, experimentation, soft-skills, and narrative design.

  • Creative Practice – Tutor
  • Dissertation – Project Supervisor
  • Dynamic Gameplay – Module Leader
  • Game Development – Tutor
  • Game Programming 1 – Tutor
  • Game Programming 2 – Tutor
  • Game Studio – Module Leader
  • Games Analysis and Research – Tutor
  • Games Design – Tutor
  • Narrative and Gameplay Design – Module Leader
  • Professional Games Writing – Module Leader


Goldsmiths Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Storytelling & Archetypes

Workshop exploring the role of storytelling and its relationship to cultural organisations and events, and at how archetypes of protagonists, antagonists, helpers, and tricksters can help to think through communicating organisation values & activities


Kingston University

Animation & Illustration

Three workshops on Games as Moving ImagePsychogeography, and System Design

Agency of Coney

Playing Systems Workshop

Join Coney to discover how the tools of game design can be applied to the real world. We’ll see if we can recognise how everyday systems around us play as games, then how we might hack and rewire them to play better. It’s not about gamification but perhaps its very opposite.

The workshop, facilitated by Paul Callaghan and Tassos Stevens, is an exploration of practice, with the aim of creating a toolbox and guidance that can be documented and shared later. It’s open to anyone but places are limited; please send an expression of interest to [email protected].


Lecturer, RMIT

Undergraduate teaching in the Bachelor of Design (Games) program, with a focus on narrative design & studio practice.

  • Games Industry – Guest Lecturer
  • Interactive Digital Media Project – Tutor
  • Narrative & Communication – Module Leader


100 Story Building

Early Harvest

Social & physical game design workshop with upper primary students working on the Early Harvest magazine.

State Library of Victoria

Twine Workshop

Accessible Twine workshop for children and families during Reading Matters.




Design and delivery of the 2012 ACMI hothouse program focused on game development. 2 teams of 5 year 10-12 students designed, developed, and drew 2 iPhone games using flixel.

Follow up interview with participants.


Screen Tasmania

Digital Writing Seminar

A look at the essential skills for games writing and design for traditional narrative writers.


Big Splash Workshop

In the first Big Splash event for 2011, join ABC Open’s Ann Chesterman, Freeplay Independent Games Festival Co-Director Paul Callaghan and creator of mystoryworld.com.au Matt Blackwood as they talk about innovative ways to share your story, from using new media to writing for video games.

Emerging Writers' Festival

Business of Being a Writer

Finding work, filing tax, managing deadlines, sending invoices… welcome to the life of a writer. We know how confusing it can be trying to navigate the business side of creativity so we’ve designed this special masterclass to give you the tools and confidence to work as a writer.

With five sessions, two inspiring keynote addresses, handouts, and plenty of time for questions, we’ll help you navigate the business of being a writer. Sessions will cover:

  • Business & legals – from getting an ABN to sorting out tax and insurance
  • Getting the money in – setting rates, how to invoice and managing tax flow
  • Process & organisation – juggling projects, time management and good work practices
  • Relationships – maintaining good relationships, finding work and support networks
  • Marketing & self-promotion – how to get your name out there and keep it out there


Games-based Learning

Design and delivery of the game development strand of the 2011 Innovating with Technology (IWT) Games-based Learning program.

Research findings report.


Express Media

Writing for Games Workshop

Games, like all mediums, have their own strengths and weaknesses as a storytelling medium.  This workshop takes a look at what makes games tick, what you can learn from traditional forms, and what you should know about the expressive power of mechanics.

ArtsHub review


Games Writing Workshop

The gaming market continues to grow, and concepts and stories are becoming more sophisticated in structure and style.

AFTRS introductory workshop is designed to give aspiring game writers the fundamental skills, knowledge and techniques required to write successfully for the games industry. It will explore the interactive strength of the medium and outline and explain the avenues and technologies available that game writers can utilise. This course will get you started and refine your technique.

Aims and Objectives
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Outline stories for games using traditional storytelling and structural techniques
  • Understand how games integrate mechanics, rewards, and non-linear elements
  • Write game-specific scenes, including conversations and characters
  • Deconstruct existing games to better understand their storytelling techniques, including plot, character, dialogue, and theme
  • Use available technology to write for specific game engines


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

AIE Melbourne

Senior Programming Teacher

Teaching C++ programming, game development, and game design.