Speaking – 2018

May 26

A Signal Thread

Freeplay Independent Games Festival, ACMI

From festivals to museums to galleries to performance spaces, cultural infrastructure aims to create scaffolding and structure to support people and their practice. This talk explores the global influence of contemporary games infrastructure, its relationship to local scenes, and what can be learned from other creative fields.

Feb 17

Internationalising Your Game

Creative Europe Desk - Scotland, CodeBase Edinburgh

Creative Europe Desk UK – Scotland presents an evening of talks covering how to internationalise your games content, release and promotion.

The games market is inherently international with standardised hardware, delivery platforms and formats but often in content, diversity, language and localisation games are missing opportunities for audiences, financing and impact.

In this evening of talks we’ll discuss a range of topics on how you can make your games more suitable and engaging for a worldwide audience through collaboration, research, experimentation and planning.

Jan 19

Games as Cultural Relations

PlayUK Sarajevo, Kino Meeting Point